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[11/F/Europe] What I draw with : Paint tool sai and Intous Wacom Tablet (Pen) <3

:3 The name's Valerie but just call me Val <33

This blog is about my journey through Homestuck in which my friend has pleaded me to read. Don't worry, I can handle swearing and stuff! My friend does it all the time >u>
If you have any questions, homestuck related or not, just ask me! ↓↓↓



TG :

His hairstyle is based on my class mate’s hairstyle. 

TT :

She just felt like a blondie, I really don’t know why.

GG :

I thought she would be a gardener, you know, so I gave her short hair because long hair would keep on getting into the dirt.

:3 They’re all based off of my imagination and their text.


Not to mention, a slow start indeed.

My Opinion so far :

Pretty awesome, I guess. The drawings are so simply cute and the theme of this is nothing like I’ve ever heard of. I think I know why my friend is always talking to me about this, I’m not too sure if I want to join the fandom just yet. Yet.

Henry turned out to be John Egbert. Red text guy seems pretty chill, green text person sounds really happy and purple text girl (I’m guessing it’s a girl) has punctuation unlike the others. Their ways of typing is obviously different on purpose and I think that gives me the idea of them quite a lot more <33

I shall be drawing what I think John’s friends look like :3

I wasn’t expecting this.


Here, have some drawings I drew yesterday when I wasn’t overloaded with school work <3

Finally outside the room!

What a cosy looking house~! So, John wants to play something called Sbrub or something <33 

And do you like my jumper? My grandmother made it for me!

School’s starting tomorrow and I haven’t done any of my homework.


On an unrelated note : I have 4 followers! <33

So much writing @.@

So far :

Henry is actually John. There’s this weird captchalogue thing. It’s his birthday.

Er, makes sense so far. I think?


My friend’s been talking nonstop about this and now I’ve finally gotten off my lazy butt and decided to check it out. I must say, I’m quite excited for this~!

Er, let’s see… This kid’s name is Henry Square-eyes? And where are his arms? He’s been watching too much tv :3 Awesome shirt, though.